"Please be aware that this page contains game information that may be regarded as a game spoiler".

                    Tiny Pets will be going offline October 11, 2013

This is a list of the pets in Tiny Pets. Not counting your best friend Sully the Dog of course  (Room Size 3). Room sizes also listed in case you need help arranging your tree. Spaces marked with "?????" means that the user or contributor that posted this data does not know the name/species/room. If the user/contributor wants to explain which animal he/she is talking abou, hints are given.

NOTE: Truckee the Duck is a starter pet while the others are unlockable.

Coin Pets Icon coinsEdit

These are the pets you can rescue with coin.

Acorn PetsEdit

These are the pets you can rescue with acorn. See Standard Acorn Pets for sortable room information.

Free PetsEdit

There have been pets that did not cost coin or acorn, these Limited pets are usually the result of:

Limited PetsEdit

NOTE: The limited pets are pets that are only available for a specified time period. See Limited Coin Pets and Limited Acorn Pets for sortable room information.

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